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The Lodge

The lodge is off the grid. There is no mains electricity, no cellphone signal. However, it has a sleeping area (divided into two), fresh water (fed by a spring), a propane gas tank to power hot water and the stove, and a fireplace. Lighting comes from LED bulbs powered by batteries, which get recharged by solar power, and when we need more, there's a generator. 

Events and Activities

We organize Annual Events, both at the lodge and elsewhere. We do two trips to Mammoth, and an out of state ski trip, a Summer Beach Party, a Rafting, a pool party and a Christmas party. We organize events at the lodge: A kid's party, Halloween party, an Art show, wine tasting. In addition, members are responsible for the care and upkeep of the lodge and surrounding area, we typically have two or three work parties in the year, in the Spring and the Fall.

The lodge is also a base for other activities. In the Spring, Summer and Fall, the lodge is a base for activiities such as hiking, biking or fishing - Mt Waterman (approx 1 mile away) has a chair ride which can get you, and your bike, to the top of the hill during the summer. Some of our favorite hikes from the lodge are Waterman Loop, Will Thrall Peak, and Cooper Canyon Falls.  In the winter, when the snow comes, cross country skiing and skiing and snowboarding at nearby Mt Waterman. The lodge also has a large fireplace, and usually has plenty of wood. 







If you've got comments on this website, or on the lodge, you can add them to our guestbook or send them directly to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



We are operating in the Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel National Monument section, under a special use permit from the forest service.




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